About Us

TTK Services Pvt. Ltd. (a member of the TTK Group) was founded in 2000 to serve the NRI market. The company launched its first successful service, a full scale concierge for NRIs in 2004, under the brand name 'YourManInIndia'. Today, the company has multiple divisions providing different solutions and catering to different segments of the market. (TTK GMS, YourManInIndia, GetFriday, HomeShikari).


YourManInIndia, a leader in the retail market caters to the NRIs and resident Indians providing a wide range of physical concierge and documentation services across India.

TTK Global Mobility Services (GMS) has set several benchmarks for services relating to end-to-end immigration services. It maintains its market leadership in the immigration services market in India through a deep commitment and focus on compliance and ethical practices. TTK GMS has been offering services to the top Indian and global companies for the past 15+ years. With a strong nationwide presence in India, it facilitates work with government offices across the country and liaises with more than 80+ foreign embassies in India. TTK GMS has consistently been shortlisted for the Annual EMMA awards in the APAC region under the "Immigration Service Provider of the Year".

GetFriday is currently the world's leading virtual assistance service, with thousands of clients in more than 50 countries. It provides 24/7 virtual assistants who provide a wide range of remote support and assistance for busy individuals to manage their life better and for small businesses to be more competitive across the globe. It provides specialist business support services to small businesses and start-ups. Today, it is the largest organized Virtual Assistance and Business Support Service in the world today.

HomeShikari is an online property service with an offline presence that aims to bring trust and transparency to the otherwise opaque Indian real estate market and change the way consumers manage their property needs. It is the only service provider with an end-to-end offering straddling every kind of property need in the residential segment.

Investor Relations

The TTK Group is a trusted name since 1928, both in India and across the world.