It is necessary to translate documents or obtain certificate translation to a foreign language from English or a vernacular Indian language for it to be accepted by some foreign countries. This step is required before one does Legalisation / Apostille of document / certificate for the purpose of Work Visas or study overseas. Commercial translation may also be required for business documents when an organisation opens a foreign office or has to execute a project in a foreign nation.

TTK facilitates translation of any document through a strong network of certified translation services that are either embassy approved or accredited agencies/ autonomous bodies like the Chambers of Commerce.


Notarization is performed by a state-commissioned public notary and acts as a confirmation that the contents are true and the signatures were placed by the intended person and not forged or fabricated or done under duress. TTK works only with accredited registered notaries to ensure authenticity of notarized documents and affidavits. Our strong presence in 6 major cities coupled with our nationwide network helps us deliver notary attestation services wherever it may be required, right at your doorstep.

Get Translation and Notarization done with accredited Translators and Attorneys

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