Assisted Visa Services

Obtaining a Visa for professional work purpose is a long and ardous process that requires continuous coordination and strict adherence to compliance. Understanding the purpose of visit, picking the right visa category given country regulations, collecting all legal documents and then verifying all those documents to successfully getting the Visa stamping done; all these processes require sound advice from immigration professionals. It is a complete end-to-end process that also needs to keep compliance at the fore unlike a mere tourist visa application submission that is routinely handled by most travel agents.

Most organizations perceive Visa Services as only simple submission and collection to/from the foreign embassy on behalf of the applicant. Practically, this may work when the client is ready to invest in resources exclusively for Immigration (in-housing) to perform the advisory role and then outsource only the visa stamping part to a competent vendor.

TTK Services makes the need for a dedicated team redundant as our specialists will be able to offer both advice and logistical support in a professional manner at reasonable costs. It also frees up internal resources of the company to focus on their core areas such as process, policy framework and immigration compliance. TTK intends to act as outsourced (Strategic) partner for all the Immigration requirements (including work permit / business visa stamping based on the requirement) for our clients.

We handle all of this and much more as part of the Assisted Visa Services:

  • Application Category Review and Validation
  • Sharing of Checklist / Formats and Briefing Call with Applicant
  • Biometrics Requirement Check
  • Document validation and Quality Check
  • Mock Interview (where required)
  • Document Submission and Collection

TTK can also facilitate in scheduling a meeting with foreign embassies for clients based on business requirement – like new geography expansion or when a new global project is signed.

By partnering with you closely and being responsible for end-to-end delivery, TTK is able to act as a strategic immigration/ visa partner for clients in this fast changing environment of tighter immigration policies across the globe.

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